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DELICIOUSGIFTS that fi t. Looking for gifts that everyone will love and appreciate? Then you’re in luck! Our exclusive, premium popcorn and gourmet snack gifts taste great and are so much fun to receive and share. And by ordering now, you’ll get a jump on your holiday shopping, so you may just have time to enjoy the season yourself. A. A. WINTER SONG SAMPLER We’ve taken our popular Sampler and loaded it with even more goodies. Inside this new Winter Song design gift box, happy recipients will nd 2 Kettle Corn Caramel Clusters, chocolate chip cookies, sour stars, honey roast peanuts, chocolate-covered cranberries and a great mix of our premium popcorn– Cinnamon, White Cheddar, Cheese and S’Mores with real marshmallows and graham crackers. A terri c value! C2566 Sampler $24.99 B. WINTER SONG SNACK ASSORTMENT Everyone is sure to enjoy this delicious selection, packed in our new 2 gallon Winter Song design tin: plenty of fresh, premium popcorn–robust Cheese, zippy Cinnamon, delicate White Cheddar and decadent Drizzled Caramel corn–along with chocolate to ee pretzels, dry roast peanuts, chocolate chip cookies, sour stars, Christmas jellybeans and mouthwatering, chocolate-covered cranberries. Placed in our new 2 gallon Winter Song design tin, it’s a gift made for sharing! C2521 2 Gallon Snack Assortment $34.99 C. WINTER SONG POPCORN TINS As the “popcorn authority” for more than 30 years, we’ve learned a few things about making delicious popcorn–start with plump, USA-grown kernels and infuse them with bold avor. And always pop, pack and ship fresh. Try a 3-Way assortment with all-natural Butter, robust Cheese and secret-recipe Caramel, or a 4-Way with delicate White Cheddar in the mix. Available in 2, 3½ and 6½ gallon sizes–and add a custom photo label for extra-special holiday greetings. (See page 21 for details.) U D P25030 6½ Gallon 3-Way Popcorn $44.99 P25040 6½ Gallon 4-Way Popcorn $44.99 P25330 3½ Gallon 3-Way Popcorn $34.99 P25340 3½ Gallon 4-Way Popcorn $34.99 P25230 2 Gallon 3-Way Popcorn $29.99 P25240 2 Gallon 4-Way Popcorn $29.99 Premium size! NEW! SMILEGUARANTEE Our Popcorn Promise: We stand behind every delicious gift we sell. You and your gift recipients will be absolutely delighted – we guarantee it. Add a personalized message or photo to your gift. See page 21 for details. B. 2 800-541-2676

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