Insider — June 2013
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Liam Bourke

Orthaheel Vice President of sales<br /> <br /> I’ve been with Orthaheel since November of 2005 and I’ve seen it change and evolve greatly since that time, whilst still keeping the same orthotic footbed technology. The styling of Orthaheel as a brand is almost unrecognizable from when we first started.“Orthopedic” shoes don’t always carry a fashionable connotation, but the evolution of the style of our designs is really overwhelming. In my old office back in Australia I had the original Orthaheel flip-flop design on display to remind me of how far we’ve come. It was big and cumbersome, definitely the kind of shoe that comes to mind when you think of orthotic footwear. That’s why we’re so passionate on forever changing the idea of what orthotic footwear looks like. We’re committed to staying relevant from a style perspective, which I think is evident in our designs.<br /> <br /> Summertime is the perfect time to get active outdoors, and I think that’s why Orthaheel summer footwear is so popular with QVC customers. This Today’s Special Value® orthaheel yara orthotic Thong Sandals with Hardware is a great opportunity to try Orthaheel footwear if you haven’t already. The inspiration behind this design was the wildly popular Yolanda sandal we did last year. It was a best seller and now the Yara is the newest incarnation. It comes in five classic colors with a triangular metal cutout on the vamp. Not only does it have a high-fashion look, but it’s foot friendly as well!<br /> <br /> We’ll continue to push the envelope. We’ve just recently launched the first range of Orthaheel wedges, which is great evolution for the brand. Whilst the heeled orthotic shoe is going to be a different feel from a flat orthotic shoe, it will still help support your heels, ankles, and legs while facilitating natural movement and alleviating pain. We’re definitely going places and developing stylish footwear with built-in orthotic technology.